This area is reserved for information related to teachers for the State Science & Technology Fair of Iowa.


Teacher Registration is OPEN! 
NOTE: Teachers, adult sponsors, administrators -- please sign up NOW to receive e-mails and news updates regarding the SSTFI!

Teachers we ask you to register for a number of reasons including:

  • allows us to send pertinent information via e-mail throughout the year (please update if your e-mail or other information changes)
  • students cannot register without a teacher or adult sponsor being registered first
  • allows the adult sponsors to view reports specific to their school and student entries
  • allows access to view SRC violations for student entries within your school (NOTE: schools with multiple teachers -- all teachers can see all information related to their school)
  • access to see seminar participants
  • stay informed with updates especially during the month of March


What FORMS need to be sent in?

Check out our Entry Checklist to make sure you have everything covered! 



Project Review for Teachers 



NSTA Information regarding science fair:

"Inside the Science Fair - The Judge's Perspective"

"Science 2.0 - Using Web Tools to Support Learning"

"The Science Fair - A New Look at an Old Tradition"


Teaching Materials from Iowa Teachers:

Science Fair Display Handout - Larry Schwinger

Science Fair Simulations - Larry Schwinger