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SSTFI : The Fair from Iowa State University Extension on Vimeo.







  • Biochemistry Category (460 KB pdf, 13 p)
  • Botany Category (6.29 MB pdf, 250 p) -- This is more an example of everything you might put in a research book on your table -- keep the actual research paper to about 16 - 20 pages in length!  This book was subdivided and categorized utilizing labeled page dividers/tabs to make it very easy for judges to turn to the information they were looking for. 

 Science Fair Tip:  Always make it easy for the judges to find information (they don't have time to read volumes of information)!



SSTFI: Meet the Judge from Iowa State University Extension on Vimeo.


NOTE:  Past participants/exhibors we are looking for good examples to include on the website.  If you would have a research paper/abstract you would like to submit please send to .  Please include your last or senior year as an exhibitor and your category.  ONLY exhibitors who have graduated are allowed to submit example papers!  Thank you for your help!

Helpful Links and Documents:

Science Buddies:

This Web site is designed primarily for science fair projects, but these activities also make great projects for 4-H science displays or science learning activities that relate to 4-H projects. Projects are by grade-levels so they're age-appropriate. There are discussions about topics like scientific method, doing research and constructing a hypothesis. It also has an "Ask an Expert" feature.

Science Heroes:

This website has lots of great short stories about scientists, still living among us (but are essentially unknown) that have made medical or scientific discoveries that have saved millions of lives.'s Science Fair Central:

Numerous ideas and helpful information.

Scientific Review Committee (SRC) & Display and Safety Committee (DSC)
Instructions, forms and checklists:

SRC Paperwork Received Rubric (pdf)

SRC & DSC On-Site Reviews Instructions and Checklists (pdf)

Iowa Science Fair Workshop 2010
Presenter Power Points:

Preparing for the Judges - power point (873 KB)

Scientific Review Committees & Institutional Review Boards


Project Display Examples - power point (704 KB)