STEM Grant Access Information

Dates for Webinars:


#1:  Tuesday, Dec. 4 @ 3:30 PM - View Webinar



#2:  Tuesday, Dec. 18th @ 3:30 PM - View Webinar

--Overview of Curriculum and Activities by Heather Gutknecht

#2 Resource Links:



#3:  Tuesday, Jan. 15 @ 3:30 PM - View Webinar
-- The Research Process
  • Experimental Design
  • Keeping a Log Book
  • Best Practices for Viewing Results & Drawing Conclusions

#3 Resource Links:

The Really Easy Statistics Site - click link to go to Experimental Design Page 

Yale Experimental Design Site

Introduction to Experimental Design - lesson plan by  DANIELL DIFRANCESCA

SAS White Paper on Experimental Design (pdf)

Science Buddies Logbook Printable (pdf)

Science Buddies Science Fair Project Guide (click on the Results or Conclusion Section for topics addressed specifically in webinar 3 - great overall resource)

Experimental Design (ppt) - one used in the webinar



#4:  Tuesday, Jan. 29 @ 3:30 PM - View Webinar

-- Rules & Registration Guidelines
  • Display and Safety Committee
  • Registration (on-line and on-site)
  • Other ISEF Affiliated Fairs in Iowa
#4 Resource Links:
Display and Safety Committee (ppt)
Registration (ppt)

#5:  Tuesday, Feb. 12 @ 3:30 PM - View Webinar

-- Here Comes the Judge
  • Best Practices for discussing the research with judges
  • How to best develop the presentation of the project (board format/design)
  • What gets the judges attention and holds them there


#5 Resource Links:

SSTFI Judge Webpage includes:

Project Board Design (pdf)

Information on Displaying Abstracts (blog)


#6:  Tuesday, Feb. 26 @ 3:30 PM - View Webinar
-- Welcome to the Fair, An Orientation
  • How to complete online registration
  • Other ISEF affiliated fairs in the state and how to register
  • What to expect when you arrive at the fair
  • General fair schedule


#6 Resource Links:



#7:  Thursday, April 4 @ TBA
-- STEM Grant Recipient Workshop @ onsite at SSTFI
  • Judging Basics
  • SSTFI Questions
  • Scaling up local programs




#8:  Tuesday, April 23 @ 3:30 PM (optional for STEM Grant Recipients)
-- Taking it to the Next Level
  • Intel ISEF Student Orientation
  • Work with specific projects attending the Intel ISEF
  • Ideas, suggestions, constructive criticism to help prep projects for international judging 




SSTFI STEM Scale-Up Grant Curriculum (written by Heather Gutknecht)

Other Resources:


NSTA Information regarding science fair:

"Inside the Science Fair - The Judge's Perspective"

"Science 2.0 - Using Web Tools to Support Learning"

"The Science Fair - A New Look at an Old Tradition"


Teaching Materials from Iowa Teachers:

Science Fair Display Handout - Larry Schwinger

Science Fair Simulations - Larry Schwinger


2013-2014 STEM Scale-Up Grant Supporting Documentation

Service Provider Resume

Cost Share Agreement Letter


  • please contact Andrea Spencer at regarding event questions