Team Projects

  • Team Projects WILL compete within their category with the individual projects.  PLEASE NOTE:  this is for ALL GRADES!
  • Under the SSTFI affiliation with the Intel ISEF we are allowed to send up to 3 PROJECTS to the Intel ISEF.  This could be 3 team projects, 3 individual projects or any combination of team/individual.  It is the mission of the SSTFI to send the top 3 projects.
  • Teams may have up to three members. NOTE: Teams may not have more than three members at a local or regional fair and then eliminate members to qualify for the State Science & Technology Fair of Iowa or the Intel ISEF.  IF you are planning to compete in the Iowa FFA Agriscience Fair portion of the SSTFI Team projects may only consist of TWO students!
  • Team membership cannot be changed during a given research year including converting from an individual project or vice versa, but may be altered in subsequent years. i.e. If a project starts as a team the project cannot convert to an individual project during the research year, but if one of the researchers graduates or leaves the team an individual may continue the project the following year as an individual project.
  • Each team should appoint a team leader to coordinate the work and act as spokesperson. However, each member of the team should be able to serve as spokesperson, be fully involved with the project, and be familiar with all aspects of the project. The final work should reflect the coordinated efforts of all team members and will be evaluated using the same rules and judging criteria as individual projects.
  • Each team member must submit an Approval Form (1B) and the SSTFI Permission/Signature Form. 
  • However, team members must jointly submit the Checklist for Adult Sponsor (1), one abstract, a Student Checklist (1A) and other required forms.
  • Full names of all team members must appear on the abstract and forms.