Project Size

Size Limitations

  • Project displays must conform to the following maximum size limitations:
    • Depth (front to back): 76 cm (30 in or 2.5 ft)
    • Width (sided to side):  122 cm (48 in or 4 ft)
    • Height (Floor to top):  274 cm (108 in or 9 ft)  
      • Tables provided will not exceed a height of 91 cm (36 in or 3 ft)
  • Backboards are not provided at the SSTFI
  • Display area consists of a covered table or floor space as requested on the entry form.
  • Maximum project sizes include ALL project materials and supports. If a student brings a free-standing (or floor) project, the table or support used for that project becomes part of the project and must not itself exceed the allowed dimensions nor may the table plus any part of the project exceed the allowed dimensions.
  • Electricity may be requested. A $15 fee per outlet is required.

Carrie Wubben 2008 Intel ISEF

Peter Yin 2008 Intel ISEF

Team project 2008 Intel ISEF