Welcome to the 2015 State Science and Technology Fair of Iowa!


If you're ready to register for the fair, please use the links below OR the links on the Navigation Side Bar to register accordingly.

Teacher/Adult Sponsor Registration -- 2015 registration is OPEN!
 - IF you have already registered in past 2 years you DO NOT need to reregister for 2015!

Project (for Students) Registration -- 2015 registration is CLOSED!  Over 690 students registered exhibiting more than 520 projects!
Registration will CLOSE on Tuesday, March 3, 2015 at 11:59 pm.  

Judge Registration -- 2015 registration is OPEN!

Volunteer Registration -- 2015 Volunteer Registration is OPEN!
(Please do not register here if you are wanting to judge!)
- Lots of options and times available for Volunteering - including Wed. evening and Thursday & Friday am/pm! 


Screen Shot Project Registration Document {pdf version}-- Use this to walk step by step through the Student Registration!  This is the 2015 Update!

* SSTFI Permission Form/Signature Page (in case you missed it)

* Entry/Registration Checklist (Review and double check what needs to be sent in to complete your official registration!)