Hall of Fame

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The State Science and Technology Fair of Iowa recognizes the achievements and accomplishments of those people who contribute generously in many ways to science fair in the state of Iowa. We ask that you nominate those you feel are deserving of this special honor.

There are three award categories in which nominees may be entered:

  1. Past Students
  2. Teachers (Past & Current)
  3. Supporters (board members, judges, volunteers, sponsors, etc.)

Nominating Procedures:

  • Fill out the general Hall of Fame Nomination Form – there must be contact information provided to the selection committee
  • Return Nomination Forms by Due Date
  • Committee Chairperson will contact the person who made the nomination regarding the selection
  • Person making the nomination will be responsible for inviting the Hall of Fame member to the State Science & Technology Fair of Iowa Award Ceremony
  • Person making the nomination will be responsible for providing the SSTFI Director with a script regarding the Hall of Fame member’s contribution to science fair to be read at the award ceremony by the Friday preceding the fair.

The award includes:

  • Recognition at the SSTFI Award Ceremony
  • Presentation of a plaque commemorating this special occasion and the fair’s recognition of the nominee’s achievements
  • Press release for member to use in local papers

Nominating a person to the Hall of Fame

To nominate someone for the Hall of Fame, please follow the instructions below:

  • Download the Hall of Fame Nomination Form (pdf Form) submit electronically OR print copy and mail
  • The questions can be filled out by either nominees OR the people who nominated them. If you are nominating someone, please coordinate with the nominee to complete the form.
  • Please include a photo (in digital format) with the nomination form.
  • To see past winners, and the scripts used to announce their winning, please see the Hall of Fame Members page.

ALL paperwork DUE:
Tuesday, March 5, 2013

In order to have this reviewed by the committee and allow time to contact and invite the new
member’s to the SSTFI Award Ceremony these deadlines MUST be met!

Questions to Consider When Writing Award Ceremony Biography/Script


  • Awards and Scholarships earned through science fair.
  • Teachers, sponsors or other people you worked with in regard to your project:
  • What was the most memorable moment in your science fair work?
  • How did science fair impact your life?
  • Is your career related to the science projects you had?
  • How did science fair help to prepare you for this career?
  • What do you feel is the most important aspect of science fair and how has that helped you?
  • Have you remained involved with science fair (local, state, regional, international, etc.)?


  • Awards and Scholarships you have earned through science fair.
  • What subjects have you taught?
  • Where have you taught?
  • How many years have you been involved with students participating in science fair?
  • What was the most memorable moment in your science fair work?
  • How has helping Science Fair students impacted your life?
  • In what ways has science fair involvement made you a better teacher?
  • How many science fair students have you worked with and what have been some of their project titles?
  • Awards won by your students
  • What careers have these students gone into?
  • Were you ever a science fair exhibitor?


  • What have been your various roles of support?
  • How many years have you served on any science fair board
  • Please describe any memorable items you worked on while serving the board
  • Number of years you have served at any science fair
  • What was the most memorable moment in your science fair work?
  • What do you feel is the importance of science fair?
  • What is(are) the reason(s) you contribute to the science fair?
  • Were you ever a science fair exhibitor?