Special Awards

What is a Special Award?

Special awards are small to moderate monetary awards, merchandise prizes, award certificates, or any combination thereof that are presented to students or projects based on any criteria designated by the special award sponsor.

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Example: Special Award for Best Use of Glue
Sponsor: American Society of Adhesive Manufacturers
Award: Award Certificate, $20 Check and gift bag of various glue and adhesive products
Criteria: Project must demonstrate scientific excellence in use of glue or other adhesive products. Such research may include new adhesive products, new uses for adhesive products, scientific research into bond strength, comparative studies of adhesive products, etc.
Although this is merely a made up example, the SSTFI has nearly 40 special award sponsors that give out over 124 different prizes totaling over $800. These sponsors are local, statewide, and national in scope. For a complete list of all award sponsors please visit the SSTFI website: http://www.sciencefairofiowa.org/awards_and_scholarships/Special_Awards.html
Would you like to become a Special Award Sponsor of the SSTFI? Simply download and fill out our Special Award Sponsor Sign-Up Form and submit it to the address listed. Or contact Heather Gutknecht at 712-250-0106.
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2015 Special Awards

(Awards Not Yet Confirmed for 2015)

Iowa Sponsored Special Awards


Biophysical Society Biophysics Award
(1) $100 & Certificate
Clay Groff Memorial Traveling Trophy
Traveling Trophy to winning School
Dedication to Scientific Excellence (6 year award)
$100 each & Plaque
Discovery in Science Award
(1) $20 & Certificate
Enduring Excellence - 7 Years of State Science
$100 each & Plaque
FFA Communications Award
2 – FFA Prize Packages & Certificates
Hall of Fame Awards
Up to 4 Awards based on nominations

Horizon Award
$50 Award & Certificate
InFORM Award
3 - Junior High Awards; Certificates & Prize Package
1 - Senior High Award; Certificate & Prize Package
Iowa 4-H Foundation
Excellence in Science
4 - Certificates & $20
Iowa Angus Auxiliary
2 - $20 Awards & Certificates
Iowa Junior Academy of Science
Inspiration Award

2 - Certificates & Cash Prize
Iowa State University Program for Women in Science and Engineering
Excellence in Science & Engineering Innovation
5 - Certificates & Cash Prize
Iowa Water Pollution Control Association
Junior Environmental Excellence Award

Outstanding Botany Award
2 - Certificates & $20
SSTFI Volunteerism Traveling Trophy
Awarded to College with the most SSTFI Volunteers
University of Northern Iowa Department of Biology
Excellence in Science Best related to Biology
2 - Certificates


ISEF Affiliated Fair Sponsored Special Awards

American Meteorological Society
2 - Certificates
American Psychological Association
ASM Materials Education Foundation
Certificate & Medallion
Broadcom MASTERS
Math, Applied Science, Technology & Engineering for Rising Stars
Certificate & Nominee Packets to top 10% of Junior High Students
Intel Excellence in Computer Science
Certificate & $200
International Sustainable World Project
2 Invitations to 2012 I-SWEEP & Certificates
MU Alpha Theta
1 Certificate

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
1 Certificate & Medallion

National Society of Professional Engineers
1 Certificate & Pin
Ricoh Americans Corporation
1 Certificate
Society for In Vitro Biology
1 Certificate
United States Air Force
4 Award Packages
United States Army
1 - $100 US Savings Bond, Silver Medallion & Certificate
4 - $50 US Savings Bonds & Certificate
10 - Certificates

United States Metric Association
1 Certificate

United States Navy/Marine Corps
Junior Award Certificates
Senior Award Certificate & $75
Yale Science and Engineering Association
1 Certificate & Medallion

**** Total Awarded – over $2000+ ****