Monetary & Scholarship Claims

To request this monetary prize, please download and fill out the appropriate sheet below.

All monetary prizes must be claimed by June 30th following the fair

SSTFI Scholarships (these are top placing scholarships awarded at the fair) may be claimed anytime within 5 years after a student graduates from high school and can prove admission as a student at any college (including community college) or university (monies will only be held for 5 years once a student graduates from high school - after this point the money rolls back into the general fund)

  • Scholarships provided by sponsors (i.e. Iowa Energy Center, Iowa Biotechnology Association or Iowa Space Grant Consortium) students need to retain their correspondence from these sponsors and follow their guidelines for claiming scholarships. The SSTFI does not hold the money for these particular scholarships

  •  Science Fair Scholarship Information Claim Sheet (PDF)